Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy can be found at

a. We collect individual names, email, home address, postal code, home phone number, mobile number, comments, answers, opinions, membership information, payment date, membership term, subscribe and unsubscribe date, unsubscribe reason, unsubscribe date, opt-in information.

We collect the information through electronic and paper subscription forms, registration forms, petitions, polls, and discussion forums (electronic and in-person).

b. All personal data collected is stored on a password protected and encrypted third party server. All administration access and passwords to the data account stored on this server are in the sole possession of the Chief Information Officer. This information is only shared between the Chief Information Officer and party employees on a need-to-know basis for the purpose of Political Operations.

Political Operations include the identification of voters, donors, candidates, and volunteers; verbal and/or electronic communications between party employees and voters/donors/candidates/volunteers; election day "get-out-the-vote" mobilization; active or passive focus groups to determine voter perceptions on party policy; and to provide electors with party news and updates.

c. All personal data under party control is used for political operations only. Under no circumstance does the party sell or divulge personal information to a person, entity, or third party not mentioned in Section B, except for instances where required by law in accordance with judicial authorization.

d. The Chief Information Officer is responsible for administering training and acknowledgement of confidentiality/protection of privacy to party employees, including volunteer canvassers regarding the protection of personal data collected. The Chief Information Officer is also responsible for establishing operational processes which ensure that documents containing personal information are protected from intentional or accidental data leaks.

The Chief Information Officer, in coordination with the Ethics & Compliance Officer and the Party Volunteer Coordinator, is responsible for ensuring that all officers, board members, and volunteers have familiarized themselves with Canada’s Privacy Laws and Internal Party Policy regarding the lawful collection, storage, dissemination, and destruction of personal information. Training is delivered via a 1-hour webinar, where each responsible employee becomes familiar with relevant law and policy and passes a knowledge check. Each employee is then required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which binds them presently and in future to safeguard and not disclose any personal information that they come in contact with over the course of their duties in relation to Wexit Canada.

e. All personal information collected from online activity is stored in a password-protected and encrypted third party server, with the data account accessible only by the Chief Information Officer. The party does not use cookies to collect personal data.

f. Please direct inquiries about the Wexit Canada privacy policy to:

Eric Wall, Chief Information Officer
Box 6085, Leduc, Alberta, T9E 2A2
(306) 400-9205

g. This privacy policy can be found on the Wexit Canada website at: