Preamble: Wexit Canada is a voluntary association of Indigenous & Non-Indigenous Western Canadians, who share a commitment to Economic Liberty, Social Stability, and the Sovereignty of Western Canadian provinces.

Economic Liberty is defined as being free to pursue legal means of income, unburdened by taxation unrelated to essential government services, or regulation that is not objectively designed to prevent a public hazard. The raising of any public monies unrelated to the delivery of essential government services is subject to direct referendum.

Social Stability is defined as advancing policy, legislation, and civil structures that protect and enhance the health, safety, and well-being of all Western Canadians, while limiting and removing entities that undermine this objective. This includes promoting the benevolence and goodwill between all Western Canadians, while limiting and removing factors that disrupt this possibility. Western civilization is the bedrock of social stability.

The Sovereignty of Western Canadian Provinces is defined as the recognition and practice of Western Canadians enjoying the right and privileges of national sovereignty through sole governance and legislation of the affairs of the land, waters, mineral, and other natural resources of Western Canada, in addition to the economic and social structures that apply to Western Canadians. Western Canada is a sovereign republic, and has no subordination or obligation to the British Monarchy, Government of Canada, or United Nations. All proposed international treaties are subject to direct referendum.